What is Netsuke?

Netsuke is a small sculptural vessel blending historic Japanese and modern everyday carry (EDC) items.

Netsuke is the result of several months of design and prototype collaboration with Chris Bathgate. On previous projects, Revolve Makers has shared every step with social media. We completed Netsuke in secret with only minor suggestions that something was coming.

Chris Bathgate wrote an excellent blog article detailing the project.

A Reluctant Designer

We are making an encore using two materials, Brass and Stainless - Check out our Shop to reserve yours 



Netsuke action.gif

Thank You

First, A big thank you to everyone for the kind words and support. Thank you to Chris. He is a inspiration to us as a true craftsman and artist. Thank you to the Nova Labs makerspace community for providing us the space, tools, and help to do anything.