The creativity and craftsmanship of the maker community inspires us. The beautiful precision of machined knives, tools, and tops gets us excited.


After seeing a spinning fidget toys (or spinner), we wanted one. List after list closed.  We realized how hard these things were to buy. Many were no longer available.

We decided to make one and share it with the world.


Presenting Alpha

Alpha is a premium spinning fidget toy with features and styling never before seen.

IMG_1612 (1).JPG

Premium Materials

We designed Alpha with quality materials optimizing wear, performance, and aesthetics.

954 Bearing Bronze

954 Bearing Bronze
316 Stainless Steel

Ball Bearing
Full Silicon Nitrite Ceramic


Interchangeable Parts

The removable, interchangeable buttons are a unique feature. The initial release features bronze or stainless steel buttons. You can match Alpha to your knife, multi-tool, or other EDC (every day carry).

Sign up to the list for limited edition components from rare, exotic materials.


Multi-toy Features

The term 'multi-toy' is something we jokingly coined while developing Alpha. All kidding aside, this toy is multi-functional. The complete package contains a top, acts as a gyroscopic battle top, and serves as satisfying hand spinner. 


Design is an exploration. If you end exactly where expected, you are just implementing. Alpha is the result of rapid iteration through prototyping, testing, and learning.

We tested bearings, materials, and profiles to refine the design. We considered spin, feel, weight, appearance, and functionality.

We reached out to members of our Makerspace. We reached out to machinists and engineers.

Dozens of sketches and a handful of prototypes resulted in something unique.


Thank You

to the communities that make this launch possible


The makerspace has served as our classroom, research laboratory, prototyping facility, general base of operations.

Prototype Designs

Mike Hoyer of Prototype Designs is a fellow Nova Labs member and was instrumental in prototyping Alpha.


Thank you to the #edc and #instamachinist community on Instagram for the inspiration and desire to produce this spinner. Seeing incredible talent producing original, precision gear pushed us to launch something of our own.

Callye Keen @ Instagram

Mike Hogarty @ Instagram